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Maintaining a pleasing aesthetic when it comes to your home’s exterior is as important to many home-owners as is ensuring functionality in outdoor systems such gutters.
While even the word gutter sounds unpleasing, gutters are essential in protecting both the interior and exterior of your home. However, it is not necessary to sacrifice home aesthetics for functionality and durability. Copper Works Canada can help you achieve a visually pleasing home exterior with the use of copper gutters.
Why Copper is your best option
Aside from being a more attractive option then aluminum or plastic gutters, the use of copper is far more cost-effective.  Copper gutters and drainage systems can last up to 100 yrs while options such as plastic gutters usually need to be replaced every ten years.
Obviously, the main issue with every gutter system is how well it can hold up to blockage. Due to elements such as algaecide and fungicide, copper gutters reduce the risk of blockage as these elements aid in dissolving moss, the number one culprit behind blockage.
Copper gutters are a smarter way to protect your building as they can withstand drastic climate change and are not prone to corrosion. This is beneficial to all home and building owners in Toronto and the GTA as we are prone to heavy rains and snowfalls, as well as intense heat.
  Going Green

While copper is famous for its change of color to green it is also considered to be a greener option by architects and homebuilders. Recyclability is one property which helps to establish the 'green' documentations of a material, that is how environmentally friendly it is.

The demand for copper in today's society is growing as countries throughout the world continue to develop industrially with a consequent requirement for more raw materials. More professionals are opting to use copper over any other material in the interest of protecting our environment. This is because copper is a sustainable material and nearly 55% of all copper used for architectural purposes is recycled. 
Saving Green
Finally, Copper Works Canada can help save you large amounts of money in the long run with the use of their copper gutter systems. Copper gutters are sustainable and reliable. They rarely ever need to be repaired or replaced, as opposed to gutters that are made of plastic, aluminum or cast iron.
Copper Works Canada can help you find the most suitable, attractive and cost-effect gutters. They specialize in every size and type of copper and are sure to leave you satisfied with your choice.

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